Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

cosmetic-surgery-sydneyTummy tuck or abdominoplasty is considered to be one of the best solutions to help patients have tighter abdomen that can eventually make them feel good about themselves especially among majority of the women.

Aside from the distinct physical change such as excess fat and skin being taken out in the mid and lower area of the abdomen giving the patients a flat and tighter stomach, tummy tuck also offers patients with health benefits.

The following are the top 7 health benefits of tummy tuck:

1. Appropriate diet and exercise may relatively extend help to patients, but they often leave them with more loose skin. With tummy tuck, patients can get rid of their loose skin and excess fat. The procedure may also inspire patients to advance their physical health through continuing with the proper diet and exercise.

2. To some patients, exercise may be difficult due to the loose skin looking like extra baggage whenever they try to move around. Other issues such as rashes, bad odour and fungal infections sometimes frustrate patients as well. With tummy tuck, skin rashes and fungal infections may be improved or wiped out completely.

3. Tummy tuck helps patients develop their sense of worth, leading them to be more forward with their relationships.

4. Some women tend to blame their children for losing their “sexy” figure, leaving them with issues such as unwanted fat and sagging skin. Tummy tuck may help these women to become more emotionally stable, bring back their old selves and make them better parents.

5. Tummy tuck can fix the separation of muscles (diastasis rectus), which will strengthen patients and ease them out from the burden of pain in their lower back.

6. Most women who tend to experience stress incontinence or the tendency to pee when they sneeze, jump or laugh will be able to see improvements after going through tummy tuck. Sexual relations may also be improved.
7. Tummy tuck helps women who used to have difficulties fitting into clothes. The surgery will help them regain their confidence.

Cutting out extra skin may be the most crucial step for most women. Here are the three types of techniques in tummy tuck or abdominoplasty that patients may choose to undergo.

a. Mini-tummy tuck.

This procedure removes only a small amount of loose skin to help patients with contour problems and is usually performed on selected groups of patients.

b. Standard tummy tuck.

Expert skills are required to provide patients the outcome they deserve. This procedure usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, typically performed on patients who went through pregnancy or massive weight loss.

c. Extended tummy tuck.

This procedure is for patients with considerable amount of loose skin and fatty tissues. Incision is made depending on the degree of severity.

Patients who went through tummy tuck procedures are recommended to rest for a day or two with periodic walks. For the first week, patients are expected to bend and then gradually stand upright. Movements that make use of the muscles in the abdomen are also expected to experience discomfort. The sleeping position should be noted as well, wherein patients may need to sleep in a reclining position.