Get Rid of ‘Love Handles’ with Coolsculpting

Want to get rid of those ‘love handles?’ Coolsculpting could be a possible option for you. It’s the latest in the long line of cosmetic treatments that helps in getting rid of fat without having to undergo surgery.

Non-surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to remove fat deposits and tone the body. While the number of people who get cosmetic surgery is high, the same can be said about these alternative ways. Procedures such as Coolsculpting give patients the choice of not going through a surgical procedure but still attain the same results.

What is Coolsculpting?

It is a cosmetic procedure that uses low temperature to freeze the fat in the desired areas. The cooling process kills the fat cells. It is simply treated as waste by the body which is then excreted out.

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But what is the story behind this procedure? What makes this procedure different from any other procedure?

Patients are able to go through this procedure within an hour and get back to their normal activities. However, that one hour time frame is really just for one area of the body. This means that if it takes one hour for each of the excess fat area, it might take two hours or more depending on the total area to be treated.

The procedure also does not promise a toned and tight looking abdomen after. For one thing, Coolsculpting only kills the fat. Once that fat is gone, the loose skin is still there but it can be addressed by another procedure or by doing toning exercises. The skin has already lost its laxity and it is going to sag. Depending on how lax it already is, the bigger the tummy the bigger the sag of excess skin.

Is it uncomfortable?

Yes, it will be during the first few minutes of the procedure. That’s when the clamps tighten and the cooling suction begins. The patient will be up and moving immediately after the procedure.

However, the area that was treated will be sore, tender, and numb. This could last for a couple of days. The results will be more visible after two to three months. That is typically a 20 to 25 percent reduction of fat in the area that was treated.

Subsequent treatments of the same area, if needed, will remove the same percentage of what’s left. This means that as treatment is done repeatedly, the less and less fat will be killed and removed.