Sculpted Waistline – Exercise, Diet, CoolSculpting

Who doesn’t want to have a slimmer waist? Many would want to have a slimmer, better sculpted waist. For  most people, it’s one  of the hardest areas to maintain. There are many ways to get a slimmer waist and some of these options may have various results.

There are three ways to do it:

  • Start a workout program to tone and shape the body.
  • Regulate the food intake and follow strict diet regimen.
  • Go through a surgical procedure to quickly achieve the desired waistline.

sculpted waistline coolsculpting


The first method is something a lot of us do but oftentimes fail in achieving the results that we want. Exercise is said to be the solution to get that well sculpted body with slimmer waistline. Regular exercise like going for a jog, running or lifting weights can get your heart rate up, eventually lose calories and burn unwanted body fat. Unfortunately, the fat that you want to get rid of is too difficult to get rid of.


It is the most common method followed by most people. Basically, it pertains to regulating the food that you eat in order to avoid excess fat in the body. Diet is best paired with regular exercise for a more holistic weight loss.


If exercise and diet do not give you the results that you want, the next best solution is a cosmetic treatment. There are two options – surgical or non-surgical. Many patients also prefer non-surgical procedures. A procedure that hit the cosmetic treatment world by storm when it was first introduced back in 2010 is CoolSculpting. It’s a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that aims to get rid of fat deposits in certain areas of the body so it becomes slimmer.

Coolsculpting gets rid of the fat by freezing it to death. Although it does not remove massive amount of fat unlike liposuction, this procedure gets rid of that last stubborn fat deposits that you want to get rid of. In some cases, in order to achieve the best results, patients combine it with another cosmetic procedure to help tighten the skin once the fat has been dissolved. Since Coolsculpting only dissolves the fat, it doesn’t help in tightening the skin. Which means that unless the skin is still elastic enough to tighten itself, the patient will need help in tightening that area in order to get the desired results.