CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, Now Available at Cosmetic Culture!

You probably have one or three pockets of fat that you dearly want to remove. These pockets are so stubborn that, no matter how much you exercise or diet, they just won’t go away.

It can get frustrating since it destroys the look of your otherwise healthy body. It has come down to the point that you’d go to the extreme of having it removed surgically. The thing is, being cut up by a doctor’s surgical knife isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone would want to be opened up and their upper layer of skin and fat sucked up in dramatic manner. It would seem that you would be out of luck – until now.

CoolSculpting is here in Sydney and it’s the latest fat removal treatment innovation to come out in the field of cosmetic procedures. If you’re wondering what it it’s all about, check out below and learn all there is to know about this newest medical and technological wonder.

What is Coolsculpting?

It’s an innovative cosmetic procedure that gets rid of those stubborn fat deposits. Using the power of cold, it kills fat cells just underneath the skin so that they shrivel up and shatter. They then get flushed out of your system or get devoured by your always hungry white blood cells.

How does it work?

Studies have shown that below a certain temperature limit, fat cells tend to die. Called Cryolipolysis, it’s a fat removal treatment where in the fat cells are exposed to temperatures that are enough to freeze them.

Once they are frozen the fat cells crystallize and eventually die off. This is what’s called programmed cell death. The good thing is once these fat cells die, they won’t return to the treated area anymore.

Will the cold also kill the surrounding cell tissues?

Fortunately for the body the cold only kills the fat cells while leaving everything else relatively unharmed. The studies mentioned above also found that fat cells tend to freeze at a higher freezing temperature than other cells. This means that while the cold is enough to freeze the fat it won’t be enough to freeze the surrounding cells that are not fat.

What happens during the treatment?

Nothing! Well almost nothing. That is to say as the patient you don’t really have anything to do except to relax and do stuff like play cards, read a book or surf the web.

The treatment process is relatively as non-invasive. When you come into the treatment area, your doctor with use a machine that will suck and grip–actually more like pinch–the area that is to be treated, and cool it down until the fat freezes.

You’ll feel some discomfort due to the shock of the initial cold but that will soon fade. That’s because the area being treated will soon start to feel numb as the cold starts to kick in. Once the treatment is over you can simply pack your things, say goodbye to the doctor, walk out the door, and back to your regular routines.

Are there side-effects to this procedure?

Yes, you will see swelling and inflammation in the treated area which can last for a couple of hours to days depending on your health condition. The numbness will also remain due to the cold and this will persist for some time as well. The treated area will also be tender so do be aware of that when moving around.

Be aware that CoolSculpting is not for weight loss or for massive removal of fat. It only works on small fat deposits that won’t go away. This means that the ideal patient should be  healthy and fit, one who just wants the help in getting rid of the small bulges that remain.


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