Body Contouring: Getting the Right Curves in Shape

Staying fit and in good shape is probably in everyone’s wishlist. What diet and exercise cannot do, leave it to body contouring to get the job done. Likewise, losing weight does not mean a well-proportioned body. That is why cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, body lifts and even Coolsculpting are a huge hit for those who want to keep their body in excellent shape.

Body contouring is complementary to losing weight. Once a person loses weight, extra skin and  extra body fat start to become more visible. If working out and maintaining a healthy diet cannot solve this problem, it might be the best time to consult a cosmetic surgeon who will give the right solution to totally eliminate these unwanted extras. 

Body contouring comes in different options. The more popular ones are typically those that are performed in the mid to lower half of the body. These procedures include tummy tuck, the thigh lift and buttock lift.

Breast augmentation, enhancement and reduction are also available. For men, there is also a male breast reduction procedure. There’s the neck lift, arm lift and face lift.

Most of the time, these different procedures are all incorporated in one package. Unlike Coolsculpting which is just one procedure, a lower body lift may include the combination of a tummy tuck, a thigh lift and a buttock lift.

However, not everyone needs to have full body contouring. There are instances when a person would lose weight and not have excess skin or sagging skin. This is often the case with younger people because they have a more elastic skin. Older people, on the other hand, may show excess skin after losing weight. With ageing the skin loses its elasticity so it may not be able to adjust to the weight loss.