Steps to Follow After a Tummy Tuck Surgery

Any body contouring procedure like a body lift or a tummy tuck will require a patient some time to recover unlike the non-invasive Coolscuplting procedure. Recovery is an important aspect of any cosmetic surgery. Someone who underwent a cosmetic procedure will need some time to heal before going back to her daily routine or even perform strenuous activities.

A patient in recovery must adhere to a healthy diet and get enough rest, as well.

Eating healthy is and will always be an important part of a complete recovery. However, staying in bed for too long is not good, either. While a patient needs to get enough rest it, this does not mean she should be lying around all the time. Here’s a guide on how to fully recover after undergoing a cosmetic procedure:

1. Start light – It is not about going out and suddenly doing thirty sit-ups and fifty push-ups a week or two after surgery.

tummy tuck recovery

It is important to know that performing heavy exercise is not good after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, especially if it has been an invasive one. It is dangerous to the  health since the areas that have been treated are still tender and not yet back to its normal state.

But staying sedentary and not doing anything is not good, too. So what is the best thing to do?

Get up and do a quick walk near your place. Get some of those muscles going and get the blood circulating better. This makes one feel better and lighter and this actually makes the body heal faster!

2. Increase the activity but in a slow pace – Increase the physical activity a little more every now and again. For example, it is ideal to walk around a little longer while increasing the number times or the speed of pace.

Take things slowly and increase the amount, time or speed of the exercises cautiously to make things feel even better. If you don’t, you may actually slow things down which is not good for your body as well.

It pays to be careful in every activity you do.

3. Consult your surgeon – For patients who are anxious about  the recovery period, consulting a surgeon may help. He knows what should and should not be done after the procedure. Ask for the types and intensity of exercises or physical activity that you can do.

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